ATC Clearence on takeoff

If you are an ATC and you tell someone to line up and wait your next call is to clear that person. Today there was a plane on final and I was still waiting for clearence and than told that I was not cleared to enter the runway and than exit. Please be aware of what message you send each plane it’s just really confusing for some people like me.

Was this on the Training Server?

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Sadly yes. I know nothing can be done. But I’m just trying to let people know so it doesont confuse other pilots.


Most people on the forum are fairly good pilots; the noobs on the TS won’t be here.


This is something that is occasionally seen on TS1. Get that XP up and come over to the Expert Server ;)

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That’s why I’m usually on Expert.

Wrong… you should always listen to ATC


Oh I’m grade 4 I thought it would be nice to go on TS1 for a change. Guess it wasn’t much fun.

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Even if the ATC is sending the wrong message you should try your best to work with what they give you. If they are really messing up find another airport…that’s what i used to do.

I know how most things work. If you want to try ATC start at a small airport like KNUC 1 runway. Always busy and you learn along the way.

Expert server is really good when there is ATC there.

I know. That’s y I love expert server. Being grade 4 is nice. It’s a big achievement in IF hopefully grade 5 soon.

Even though you might not see mods or ATC there are still observers that are watching everyone.

I’ve been ghosted once but that’s when I first got grade 3 and realised that it’s no fun and games.

Yep. Anyways I’m going to expert server it’s back up and running now.

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