ATC - Cleared Runway "Green Highlight" on Aircraft Strip Turns Back to White

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Jordanian 808

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Version Information

20.2 (468)

Device Information

iPad Air 2 iOS 13.7


As ATC on the Expert server, I had an aircraft doing pattern work. On each circuit, I cleared him for the option, and the cleared runway would highlight green on the aircraft strip as per usual. However, after he would repeat the clearance, he would reply “Thank you”. After that, the green highlight would turn back to white as if he hadn’t been cleared. I checked the transcript, and he did not change frequency either. This happened on all three patterns.

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Control Tower /Ground/ATIS on Expert Server.
  • Have an aircraft takeoff and remain in the pattern.
  • Clear the aircraft for the option.
  • Check to ensure the cleared runway is highlighted green.
  • Have the aircraft say, “Thank you.”
  • Check to see if the cleared runway is no longer highlighted green.

Expected results

Cleared runway should remain green even if aircraft says “thank you”.

Actual results

Cleared runway lost its green highlight and turned back to white after the aircraft said “thank you”.

More Information

Not sure if this applies to any other aircraft response, like “Thank you, good day.”

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Issue already noted. Thanks!