ATC Choices

I have a question…I am currently loading a flight from EHAM to LTFM and I am using sim brief to do the flight route etc. I normally check to see the weather conditions and ATC’s ATIS information first. Now at I am writing this EHAM is online with winds at 190 @ 10 kts. If you know EHAM’s airport runway’s 18R 18C & 18L are the MOST appropriate to have a smooth entry and exit from this airport given the current conditions. Why then this particular ATC controller decided to use runway 24 which is definitely more difficult than the 3 previously mentioned. This is not a hit out against the ATC controller but maybe there is a valid reason so hence I am asking. May be he wants to test our skills in cross winds lol. Dunno…just asking

I just looked at current EHAM wx.

If I were controlling, I’d be bringing arrivals in on 18C or perhaps even the Polderbaan (18R) and I’d be using 24 for departures.

Wind 190 at 10 is not a direct crosswind for runway 24, but does generate a small crosswind component. Nothing wrong with a crosswind component of a few knots and tbh, really no crosswind skills to test.

Schiphol is just opening (irl) and I wouldn’t be surprised if they operate with an 18 arrival and 24 departure flow this morning.

Edit to add: If you’re uncomfortable with a small crosswind, best thing you can do is get some crosswind practice in. I’ll land/takeoff with a direct crosswind of 20 knots and not even give it a second thought.


See! Learning something new each day. Yep seems pretty congested running everything through 24. Gonna do a session from EHAM to LTFM now. Care to join?

That’s what they usually do but runway 24 is under maintenance for the coming months

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