Atc choice


Before anyone starts complaining or crying at me, this is my opinion, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to read it.

But does anyone else think the atc choice thing is starting to get a bit boring? Because that’s mainly today’s theme and we’re having it for another 3 days next week. I mean I actually don’t even mind it myself tbf im just thinking is it better off if we have different atc style events More often instead of the same thing over? For eg the point a to b thing yesterday was much better imo at least we had somewhere to fly to. I’m just thinking for future schedule and I completely appreciate all the ifatc controllers efforts :)


I disagree. I’ve been flying most of today already and I think it’s fun to fly at peoples home airports!


Actually I belive it give you more freedom to enjoy the world around you and in fact just enjoy going to destinations that you wouldn’t normally go to. That’s my opinion :)


Yeah as I said honestly it’s fine, it’s just for future to stop people saying things like it’s boring etc

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I disagree, for one it is a great way to open up many more airports from around the world and it can be very fun for the controllers to open up their home airports.

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IFATC members are limited to one area at a time. It tends to be more fun when you are able to basically open up wherever you’d like, especially your home airport. The temporary IFATC at home is worth it in my opinion. I don’t think we should have it forever but occasionally :)


I completely agree but I’m just recommending for the future. Because some people will probably start saying things like this

We’ve only done it 3 or 4 times, and only once a month, so I think it’s a bit too early to say that it’s already getting boring. And controllers are just having fun and taking it easy from all their hard work controlling at bigger airports, away from home.

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It’s normal and everyone is entitled to an opinion and that’s what make this community great! Plus it gives us the freedom to control our most loved airports and share those potential routs with you and shows the wide verity of people who live all over the globe.

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Why do you find it boring?


Completely agree. But why have atc choice when it’s only in a selected region? If it’s not for the whole world then you might aswell have a proper schedule

If you would, id like to add to my statement, The IFATC at home also allows us controllers introduce people to new airports they’ve probably never flown to. For example, I am opening Henderson Executive which isn’t well known in game.

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I don’t, I just think in the future it might start getting a bit repetitive

I think ATC choice is great when limited to a certain area and IFATC at home is great every now and again its alot better than one massive Hub where you have 100+ people inbound. Also nice because I find the experience nicer as ATC know thier way around there airport and are ‘proud’ of thier airport in a way

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Thanks for the feedback. Not enough diversity, too much choice, where is my airport, why this airport again, can we go a year without scheduling the US, let the controllers choose… no not that much…

I am in the process of examining the data and you may see the ATC Schedule go away very soon. There are many strong opinions on this and the best way to handle it is just let the pilot/ATC community come together and figure it out on their own. I’ve put a ton of effort into diversifying the schedule, yet the same topics appear each week. Appreciate your input and enjoy flying wherever they choose to open. Cheers!