ATC choice

Another week of ATC choice! Ugh how are we supposed to know where to fly overnight apart from 1 destination? For example tonight there’s no choice other than Panamá City. What if I begin a 3 hour flight tomorrow morning and the controller doesn’t want to be there for 3 hours… oh… no ATC for me!

Fair enough to have ATC choice once every so often, but not know what’s going to be open is getting rather frustrating especially for someone like me who endeavours to fly to active airports. I feel it’s much better knowing what will be open each day, giving guaranteed ATC as well as the ability to plan my routes for the days ahead.

ATC choice is every so often. This is the same schedule as last week, however it was moved back a week due to the release of 19.3 and the need to showcase the new scenery.

You could do what I do. Pick a random airport within the region and just fly there. Then from that airport you could hop to an airport or divert to an airport with ATC. Possibilities are endless. Just have to think outside of the box and be open to change. 🙂