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Hey, if I want to plan a overnight flight with a ATC choice day, how do I predict the most likely airport that approach will be active at?

Biggest & busiest airport. You can also check the arrivals board. Tomorrow I think JFK will most likely open first.

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If you are flying on the Expert Server, then you can refer to the IFATC schedule here…

If you are on Training Server, then it’s hit and miss however approach is normally manned at larger airports such as EGLL and EHAM. You could always request ATC on the Training Server here…

So sunday, JFK is most likely

Monday** (in expert)

I speak of March 31st


On Training: KLAX
On Expert: pick largest airport from the weekly IFATC schedule.

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Days with “ATC choice” can be harder to predict. However; if you look at this page (inbound aircraft information) on the website,, you can see where the most planes are headed. That will most likely be where ATC will focus.

Ok, thank you all for your help

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If you’re wondering specifically for March 31st, I would guess CYYZ, as it’s ATC choice within Canada. Maybe CYVR, or CYUL aswell.

Ok, thanks @EthanT2

Do you have ESP?

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Only TNT and CBS… so I’ve missed a few of these games

What’s ESP @Tim_B?

Hi @BadPlane,
After a simple google search I have found that ESP means Extrasensory perception.

Just a way of saying that we can guess based off which airports are well known Bravos, but we have no way to see the future and know what airports will be open at what time.

One of the most unhelpful threads of all time. Glad @EthanT2 thought about the question and provided a good answer.

Since next Sunday is the ATC choice day, you expect the major cities of that region to be open, as well as the airport of the week in jfk. I’d put good money on cyyz and cyvr


Ok, I have a flight plan for a Emerites A388 from Dubai. Should be fun. Thanks to all of you for your help with this as it always haunts me. @Tim_B I loved the joke also LOL.

I thought this was helpful…