Atc choice on expert

Before anyone overreacts or thinks I’m being offensive, I completely respect the efforts the controllers put in on expert 🙂

But anyway, why do we have atc choice so frequently on expert server when we can control wherever we want whenever we want on training? Wasn’t the whole point of ifatc to control airports that are used less on other servers? It just makes no sense to me and as I said I’m not trying to be horrible 🙂

Probably to keep atc controllers from controlling busy airports like EGLL all the time

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Thank you for your concerns. Unfortunately, if it is ATC choice, most pilots will gear towards big airports. If we open small airports, most likely traffic will still go to the big airports waiting for ATC to open it. Controllers don’t want to be twiddling their thumbs for 30min or an hour depending on airport class with no one showing up


Why not? Actually, IFATC are not allowed ro control on TS. And, IFATC choice ensures that ATC control different places


Wow really? That doesn’t make sense, why don’t they go in training sometimes and help grade 2s become better with atc before they come onto expert?

IFATC controllers can only go on training server for radar atc tracking threads


I always love ATC choice days. It lets me open up airports that are very rarely featured, and it lets others fly to airports that are rarely featured as well. Unfortunately, pilots will always fly to the big hubs, and as Drummer said, we like to have some action when controlling!


Makes sense

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I opened up a small airport yesterday and got 1 pilot the entire session


Adding on from said above, we can still report and have extra commands able to use, that you wouldn’t usually find as a controller on the Training Server. It’s just also to keep a good controller Ettique and not go reporting people like crazy on the TS.

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Fair enough, as I said Im not trying to be horrible I was just wondering

I didn’t take it as horrible! Everyone has questions, it’s always good to tell the answer and help out!

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Thanks for the question! Funny enough, usually the complaints are about what I pick, not what I don’t. One square closer to ATC Schedule BINGO!

Simply put, I schedule it often because our controllers enjoy it. Who doesn’t love the freedom to explore new regions and extensions of a featured HUB. It often inspires future schedules and can be a nice break from the more themed days that revolve around a very specific set of airports.


Fair enough and thanks for the reply. I really actually don’t mind it at all though and as I said I completely respect all of your efforts to keep traffic moving. Have a nice night 🙂