ATC Chatting in Multiplayer

I think a new feature that allows pilots to connect their headphones which has a microphone to the device which they are playing the game, and same with the controllers so that we can talk to eachother as they do in the real world and connect to either tower, approach or ground depending on whether your talking off, landing or taxing and instead of messaging them we talk to them. And to stop users being abbusive you can report anyone who isn’t following rules, and just as they do in the real world each pilot connected to the same requency should be able to hear what is being said, & also to stop too many people speaking at the same time this is where you can introduce the messages so that you have to ask to actually speak then the controller grants you permission to request something and so on or something along those lines.
I hope you understand what I’m trying to say, I hope you guys agree.

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