ATC chat in replay

Hi guys,so i want record my replay but i dont want this ATC chat, so how do i detele it
Thanks you

If you push on the globe icon. It will get rid of the map and chat


Additionally if you want to remove the aircraft name tags In your replay you can do that via;

Settings Menu > Live > Hide Airplane Names and Airplane Dots

But i want the maps

I want record the maps too but i dont want atc chat

Unfortunately, the map and ATC log are synced with each other. If you want one, you will get both. Sorry about that

Oh :( Thanks

Side comment - if you want to record your replay, tap and hold on the screen and the entire UI will disappear. Do the same to make it come back.

Are you sure about that… @Drummer

what about this video ??

That’s an ATC replay its a bit different form a pilot replay @Zuhair_Al-ajmi

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The ATC log was cropped out in this through editing :) It is always there!

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Ooh ok now I understand …
Why they don’t allow other pilots to crop chat like this video?

They can crop it using third part editing software. It makes it look neater thats why IFATCEG do it.

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Maybe you’re right about this,
Thanks @Captain_Cign

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