ATC Center Problem

for some reason, I am in mexico rn
and Mexico Center is Active
but it says that I can not get in range
help me

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Were you inside the white boundary, indicating where Mexico Center’s jurisdiction is?

I am right smack in the middle of Mexico Centre

You are more than 270nm away where the center controller is based at. The controller may be not at the center. So keep that in mind.

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Oh right you are right

Yeah, you could be on one end and their base could be at the other end.

Thank you Gabe. Another useful tip is that, when you tap anywhere within Center’s airspace to pull up the controller, it will tell you where they’re at, for example, “DeerCrusher at MMMX”. If you’re not familiar with the airport, you can then type the airport into your search field in the app and it will show you where its located. It’ll give you an idea how far away you are. It won’t tell you the distance but you could estimate.

But 270nm is that magic number. 🙂

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