ATC Center command


Whenever I am center at an airport, people always contact me right after they take off or when they are on approach. I think there should be a command that’s says “This frequency only handles aircraft over 18,000 feet.”.


Good point


But here in the game you can’t fly really so the most people climb to 12000 or 18000 FT


Interesting… “18,000”. Where does it say Center is limited to above 18 Grand.
Cite the FAA reg pls. Max Sends


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You are right Buddha here is a link to enroute ATC operations


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I’ve googled it as well I’m thinking that is just something we have implemented in IF for people to know their roles. Hell it may have been me and you when controlling center and approach in KSAN in the early days :)


@Keegan_Gidley Because having an approach controller for any lengthy period of time is rare, and it’s so sporadic in regards to whether approach / departure / center is being staffed, people just tune to whatever is available.

Me personally, after I takeoff and tower hands me off / approves frequency change, i look for in this order - departure - no departure - try approach - no approach - try center. I select which (if any) is available. If there’s no approach / departure, I simply tune to center and don’t check in while I’m still at 4000ft for example. Being tuned to center I think is better than just remaining on my original tower frequency (and clogging up their flight strips) or tuning to a nearby Unicom of a grass runway airfield 10NN away.

People have suggested an ‘on-route Unicom’ that could be available in each region when departure / approach / center isn’t active…?