ATC Casual Server needs more attention

I would like to be a controller but I have no interest in using the expert.
I just want casual is it possible?

You cannot control on the Casual Server. Only Training Server and Expert. For Expert Server, you’d have to take tests prior to joining.

More about how to join IFATC here.


Why only the expert has this attention?

You can control on the Training Server. The Casual Server is for pilots who want to fly without worrying about violations.

For Expert Server, it has realistic rules and it’s reserved for serious users. Therefore in order to become ATC, you must take some tests to ensure professional controlling.

Actually there are more available ATC on Training compared to Expert. Most of the time it is of low quality (mostly not because of ATC but of the poor behavior of the pilots) but there definitely is more going in there. Expert has much better quality though.

And if you should ever find an active ATC on Casual: You’re probably dreaming.

No, and I hope you don’t mind me saying it’s really important to have high quality controllers. If you aren’t interested in providing that perhaps you shouldn’t. Playing about is not really what anyone wants.

Please excuse my English.
This is wrong
I and many others like Casual because it really has more autonomy.
And if there is ATC also have to obey not all are rude.
Another thing do not say things I did not know myself yesterday and the last 7 weeks I found ATC in Casual was briefly but it was there.
The pilots were obeying what I see is an adoration to Expert but I do not like it but I would like to be able to help the sector that is best for me Casual.

I did not understand

There will never be ATC for the casual server. That’s why we have the 3 server set up we have. There is no reason to be rude to other users trying to explain why there isn’t ATC on that server.

I assume you are referring to the Training Server since the Casual Server does not have ATC. Everybody is learning on the Training Server so some issues may be encountered.