Atc can't hear me HELP

It happened again after flying from Montreal to Jfk, I tried repeatedly to contact approach but they couldn’t hear/acknowledge me, it’s rather frustrating now, every time I fly in expert server atc (tower, approach and ground) can’t hear me.

Restart IF and then try again. This might be because you are marked as Unknown and the controller cannot contact you.

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Is your API service light green?

I tried but it’s the same problem

No I’m wasn’t ghosted, this happens everytime only on expert server

Yes that’s why it’s puzzling why this is happening

Have you ever been ban or anything?

He is flying so clearly not

I would then suggest to delete and reinstall IF.

ThIs happened to me as well. It’s a known issue. To fix it I just left and came back. I’m not exactly sure how to help you though. Try restarting the app like @Balloonchaser said.

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It’s doesn’t matter how much I reset or reinstall the app the same thing happens I’m not at the point of stop flying it’s frustrating. Just today it happened again when i tried to fly to a atc controlled airport
you can see everything is green

Are you ghosted? Because if you are you can’t connect to
Atc- I would also suggest contacting a moderator at this point

When you’re ghosted you don’t see other traffic, there’s traffic on his screenshots so that can’t be it?

Oh- I’ve never been ghosted so I wouldn’t know. Just an assumption:)

I got ghosted once (which was reversed, I would like noted haha), but yeah I’m sure it was pretty much like being back in solo mode.

All I can recommend here is reinstalling the App.

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Did that twice it still happens

It would be reassuring if the moderators would kindly inform all Ait traffic controllers that a majority of players are having significant communication problems. It’s starting to get pretty frustrating/ridiculous.

If there is an issue occuring with a bunch of people Laura and Phillipe would be on it faster than Usain Bolt runs. Trust me. ;)

Thats wrong… I have been ghosted once before.

You can still see the aircraft… But the aircraft/ATC dont see you.

So maybe you were ghosted.

It’s most likely because you show as a aircraft “unknown” and at the point controllers can’t help you unless they see your name

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