ATC Camera

Hey, what determines what aircraft the ATC camera will look at when the screen is double tapped on a replay?


Good question.
I don’t think it’s distance or camera angle (well to some extent maybe)
Can it be the aircraft that is closest to you that is already rendered?

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Not sure, its pretty annoying because I’m trying to watch my aircraft from the ATC view, but it keeps focusing on another aircraft.

Yes, the aircraft it kept focusing was one that was rendered, and was the closest that was rendered.

But after landing and taxiing, at one point I was almost directly next to the tower, and it still focused on that same aircraft.


I share your frustration.
Sometimes it feels like it lives it’s own life…


hey i think ik how… for me, i zoom in to my aircraft so the closest aircraft to the camera is my aircraft and then i double tap… hope this helps

I tried that, but it kept changing back to the other aircraft.


oh sorry to hear that. i will be trying soon though!

Oh, I think i just found a solution, and I was wrong.

When you are the closest rendered to the tower, then it does focus on you.

I just fixed it by skipping to the part of the replay which has me closest, then moved the replay back, so that it focuses on me, even when I’m not the closest.

This thread can be closed now

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thanks for a solution too! ill flag it

You’ll have to pan the camera further away from the aircraft you are trying to focus on, away from any other aircraft it keeps focussing on when you don’t want it to. For example, an aircraft taxiing while you are on the runway beyond the taxiway from the ATC view. Instead of zooming in on your aircraft and double tapping, pan the camera further beyond the runway, maybe into the sky, and then it should focus on your aircraft as the closest to the camera will be yours.

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Thanks for the help

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I seem to remember that schyllberg said it was a problem in some support topic I am trying to find.

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