ATC camera views

I just wanted to know if the ATC camera spin is just me or if its known… and sometimes i like to see people land from the ATC tower when controlling and their plane is usually glitched under the ground and 100% of the time makes it look like a bad landing so is this known and will it be fixed


This usually happens if you touch the screen with two fingers. I don’t think it’s a bug.

The other part?

It can spin occasionally or get stuck into a position by touching more than one area of the screen and some part or command that’ll send it into a mode where it sticks to that input of movement and won’t snap out of it.

This is most likely lag, where that’s part of yours or the pilot’s connection, of the Infinite Flight servers themselves.

Or just all the people you’ve been watching have performed very bad landings.

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Well it was watching my trainers land so highly doubt but thank you :)

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