ATC Camera bug

I’ve been put off from controlling airports because of the camera bug, when you zoom into aircraft of just move your fingers anywhere it zooms into the sky and you cant get back to the normal view :) i’ve tried zooming back out and trying to drag back down onto the ground view but nope, it just wants to look straight up, same problem can happen with any ATC camera view and the only way to fix it is by leaving the ATC and re-joining where the issue will happen once again, I’m sure many other users experience this commonly

Yeah already experienced that, a restart on the app worked for me, but your case could be different

I’ve restarted several times, and I just found out after playing with the bug that it loves to zoom into the ground as well, with the way its behaving it’s sort of like it thinks that you’re using two fingers when you’re only using one, anyways, hopefully this gets fixed

This happens when your fingers go off the screen (say, to the border of the phone) without actually taking them off the phone. It’s hard to explain, but basically IF looses track of where your fingers are so it goes up and starts constantly spinning. The reason you can’t stop it is because it’s wound itself up too much, so it would take a while to get it back to normal.

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ohhhhhhh, that does make more sense, thank you for the explanation

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