ATC camera bug

Then you should try reinstalling IF as a final resort. If that doesn’t help than I recomend contacting a member of staff.

(Schyllberg as said below)

Specifically @schyllberg.

Geez, it’s not that hard.


Seems like most things are already covered, put please do this in the correct order for the best effect:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.

As the replays vanish with a reinstall, it might be a good idea to back up any of those you still wish to have using iCloud or any similar cloud service.


This has happened to me tonight, running iPad Pro 12.9 with up to date software

I just did, same problem. I have no idea what it can be.

I believe this is a known bug. It happens to me occasionally.

Occasionally? To me constantly 😔

This also happens to me and I have tried all of the above.

It makes controlling really hard when you want to check for example in which position the aircraft is and so.

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