ATC camera bug

Hello, I realized lately IF crashes when I double tap in an aircraft strip. It used to focus automatically the camera on that traffic but now it crashes straight away. I wonder if somebody else has this problem.


Is your aircraft present at said airstrip?

What you mean if the aircraft is present?

Is your aircraft at the airstrip that the camera is at?

I don’t understand what you mean. When I am controlling and I want to see one aircraft I used to double tap on the strip on the right side and the camera was automatically focusing on that aircraft.

I was not aware that you were the one controlling. Please specify that. Were there any other aircraft present at the airstrip?

When I say strip I mean the progress strip you have in the right side of the screen, one strip for each aircraft.

Okay. I’m asking if there were any aircraft at your airport.

If you double tap on the runway, it will focus the camera to random aircraft either if it is near or on selection.

But the fact that it crashes the game everytime you do it, then that is weird.

Yes i know, but if you dont want to get a random aircraft, you press the strip of the aircraft you want to see and it should focus on that one.

Yes there were.

Ok. So first you must zoom in as close as you can to the aircraft you want the camera to focus on. Then you double tap and it should focus on it.

What device do you use when this happens?

You are not understanding me. There is a way to go directly to the aircraft and easy. You just have to double tap on the progress strip in the atc display.

Ipad. Fill

Was this issue present before updating to iOS 13?

When did this issue start? You said it was working and then stopped working.

Yes, I am not sure. Suddenly one day it started crashing. I dont know if it was after updatin g IF.

Ok, can you confirm the following things?

  • you have enough storage on your ipad
  • Your IF is up to date (updates)
  • You restart the ipad

As said below, re-download IF

And if those do not work, then your last resort would have to be to re-install Infinite Flight.

Just be clear that it will clear all of your replays and it will be costly.

Tried all, still crashing.