ATC Callsign

Hello everyone, I am presenting something that is not so much an issue but a misunderstanding, ATC recruiters are asking me for my callsign, and I am not sure if I should give them my username or call sign. I change my call sign every flight I am doing with whatever plane/airline I am flying in at that moment, should I keep doing what I am doing or not
Please help.

Why are they asking for your callsign? Usually if they ask for it just tell them what it currently is. FDS has a database of every user that’s signed up for Live. It contains everyone’s names, subscription statuses, callsigns, etc… Therefore you can be looked up by whatever your callsign is.

I’m not sure why they asked me for my call sign, but I just said my username.

You should be ok,as Swang007 says may be admin able to find you from username and change your status if you passed your test:)