ATC callsign reports

So I was on arrival into VHHH just now and a controller told me to change my callsign or I’d be reported.
My callsign was ‘TF-BRO’ which yes may be inappropriate to some people however this is a real life callsign for WOW air. If this is a real life callsign then why can’t I use it? And why did the ATC threaten to report me for this?

I guess he didn’t know that it was a real callsign

maybe because it oddly sounds like

The F— Bro
and ATC threaten to report you because the way is sounds, and as Aviatonflyer04 said, he most likely did not know

wow air in hong kong?


I know, but we are here to enjoy infinite flight, so we should fly a nonexisting route from time to time.😉


Hello, i suggest contacting the controller at the time to see why this happened. Thanks!

You should be ok with that callsign.

Hong Kong (VHHH) is in China btw, and the WOW air was an example.

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w h o o p s

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Hey thanks for the enquiry @Harry14 i was the controller at hongkong and like @FLIGHT2 said it sounded quite odd to me also just before you there was another aircraft with the same callsign who departed hong kong i thought it might be the same person with different accounts trying to troll(and i obviously didn’t knew that it was a real life callsign, but again a wow air callsign in china a bit wierd, but its ok i guess) thats why that change callsign command but then i was going to close and i confirmed with my IFATC team and they said this callsign can be accepted as its not offensive in a real aspect thats why i decided to let it be, im sorry for any inconvenience hope you enjoyed your flight!


I can see why - TFBRO - the first two letters stand for something rude (one is a swear word) so imo understandable why ATC asked you to change your callsign.


It. Is. A. Real. Registration.
It’s an A320…

I realise its a real registration but it will never use that as its callsign…reg and callsign are different things when it comes to commercial aircraft.

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I mean I understand that is kind of inappropriate. Pm the controller to discuss the situation.

Ouch, hope no hong kong people reads that


The controller has already responded above!

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There’s no way that the controller could possibly know every single registration and/or call sign, so the way they saw it, it seemed a fictional (and inappropriate to some) callsign. Therefore, he had valid grounds to send you this message.

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And let me add something: I think that saying “The F___ Bro” is somehting not that inappropriate, this is not really used in the rude way tbh…