ATC calls (rememaining in the pattern, initial ATC call)

Hello IF group! Hope everyone is doing well. Just wanted to bring up something that I have been seing while on ATC freq.

  • Remaining in the pattern: please only request when you do intend on staying on the pattern, because we have to plan on each aircraft we launch, and the spacing. I have attached below a picture of a pattern.
    -The pattern altitude is 1000ft AAL (above aerodrome level) for props and 1500ft AAL for jets!! Please follow that.


  • Inbound to land please try to avoid calling out the wrong position in the pattern, it does not help when it is super busy.
  • Inbound traffic please call ATC at least 10-15nm out, instead of when on a 2nm final…
  • Please also avoid spamming the freq when we are busy, it is not that we intend to ignore the calls, it is just to many to answer all in once. If we clear you to taxi, please do not request to change freq, because that just congest the freq even more.

Thank you for your time reading the post!I am not here to correct anybody, or to be the judge as I am not perfect either. But this post is intended to better the experience and the quality of the airspace.