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Hello there
I’m right now ATC at KSAN, and on the Training Server people ask for frequency change before entering the runway, so I’ve looked at the misc. messages but do not find the “you where already instructed to change frequency” button

Anyone who can help me?

It should say “duplicate freq. change”

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Thank you, now I know

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You’re welcome!

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Well, I dont find it, number 1-20

You’ll be able to find that one with your eyes closed pretty soon


It’s under “misc messages”

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Found it, it is number 15


Once you use it, it should pop up on that little side panel.

Yeah, I ain’t that noob on ATCing, but you should see my skills, I am at KSAN

Never said you were

atc Tracking thread will get you more pilots

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Ok, I’ll take your advice, but I will not do it right now

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