ATC bug

When someone request’s to cross a runway or taxi to parking, instead of showing the runway requested or where to taxi, it shows a random one.

Device : Nexus 9
Android Version : 7.0
IF version : Since the 787 came out.


It is because that was the runway they landed on.

It’s a bug😒

No it’s not. It the last runway they used.

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Explain the parking one😒 and the cross runway still happens if they’re taxing from a gate.

It’s a bug

In the first picture, the aircraft is requesting to cross 05R but is closer to 23L so it puts 23L as your first option because that would be the correct response. Even though 05R is active, when I taxi around uncontrolled airports, I don’t say crossing 27 when I’m crossing on the 9 end of the runway. I would either say “crossing 9-27 on the ground” or “crossing 9 on the ground”. I wouldn’t say “crossing 27 on the ground” if I’m on the 9 end just because it’s the active runway… For the 2nd picture, the aircraft probably spawned closest to 05L and that is why 05L is showing up as the first option even though the aircraft is next to 05R.

I’d say it’s not a bug. That’s just my opinion.

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