ATC bug

Hello Guys,

I don’t know if it’s duplicate… :/

I have remarked that sometimes when a controller tell you something, anything appear like this :

And if I reply, the app crash :/

It’s not the first time…

My device information:
iPad Air
iOS 9.3
Latest version of IF

Ummmm… What?


You have what? “Scratches head”

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Yes this is a duplicate 😂


You have… You have…What? Maybe he didn’t finish.

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The suspense is killing me…

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Sorry guys, I have touched the wrong button:/


@Nick_Catalano Did you noticed the same bug ?

I haven’t been controlling recently (even though I regularly do) because I’m on holiday.

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Okay, but I think the problem is when you fly only and not when you control as an ATC controller

I don’t look at my log that often, but when I do, I haven’t come across this issue.

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Did someone else have noticed this bug ?

It may be a new command…

I think new commands normally show up when they are used. I had one used on me and it showed up for me.

What the the the the the the the the the the! Never seen this. Your device is perfect for IF. Should not be a problem.