I have this problem where the tower says “you’re in a active airspace ect” but when I go to the frequency menu I cant find it which forced me into doing a go around .

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Next time try going to the map and press on the airport to tune in that way.

  1. What server were you on?

  2. You must be too far away from the airspace to be able to radio contact.

I hope this helps.

Server wouldn’t play any part and there is a common bug where in you can’t contact the freq’s When on guarded and have to utilise another method to get onto it. Sometimes you can’t contact them altogether though. If you aren’t too well versed with the bugs then it’s best to avoid offering suggestions as they won’t be relevant or wait for more information so you can offer a better one.

The thing is I go on the map and click the airport and the only frequencies are ground departure approach

What server was it on?

You may have been contacted by someone too far away. This happens on TS from time to time.

But approach told me to contact tower and it didn’t switch when I pressed “send & switch” it just totally kicked me off the frequency plus I was on final and tower was trying to get hold of me but i couldn’t find the frequency so i had to go around and contact approach again but after this the issue was solved but this situation happened 3 times already

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