I have an issue while being atc, i try to zoom in to see aircraft like in the other side of the airport and when i zoom in/out often the screen go wild, zoom in/out, move and all by itself.
It’s not the screen that is dirty since it happens only while atcing. Help.

This is a known issue that has been a problem ever since global was released. I’m sure it will be fixed some time in the future though. Usually double tapping the screen will stop it.


Sometimes it works double tappin, sometimes it don’t, but it started like today, didn’t happen before

Yeah it happens whenever really, as IFATC I’m aware that it’s a problem a lot of controllers face.

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You IF ATC? I’m learning atc so I can join too!

This generally happens when you accidentally use a second hand (or as is usually the case for me, you accidentally drop your thumb on the screen and create two competing gestures/motions). Sometimes you can break out of it with some double taps, sometimes not. But mostly try to make sure that the only fingers on the screen are those you intend to have there.

The issue is you need two fingers to make use of the free cam properly. Guess we can’t win either way 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Not using free cam

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Ah right. I forget it affects all the camera views pretty much. Anyway enjoy controlling and I hope you got a satisfactory answer to your issue.

Yeah, my problem is I do that with one hand, so my right thumb becomes the third. If you’re using two thumbs, it’ll happen differently, obviously, but generally it’s an ‘extra’ motion, if that’s the right term.

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If that doesn’t work, switch to another camera and move that camera around, then switch back to the original camera. It’s important to move the other camera around.

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Thanks ill try

I find that I have to move really slowly when looking around. Try not moving so quickly, assuming that you are. Best I can offer.

I just tap my screen constantly to make it stop… or go to another camera view. Either one works for me

i have this problem with the freecam but what i do is swipe from my ipads bezel onto the screen to make it stop.

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