I was recently on TS1 and noticed a bug where the controller screen wouldn’t come up, is this a common issue and how can it be fixed? I have tried restarting my game but it did nothing. I’m on a pixel 2 Xl running stock android 8.1.0

Here is a screenshot for refrence

Hey mate! How is your internet speed. This sometimes happens when there is little to no internet.

my internet seems fine

There is a chance you were observing another controller - see in the brackets on the bar on the left of your screenshot ‘(…)’. Normally it would show as ‘(Obs)’ if another person started controlling that frequency before you joined and you were observing another controller, but your internet connection may have been slow.

I’ve got this bug too. I was told they were going to need to restart the server to fix it.

It happened to me a few times when I was controlling on TS1. Try to change the server to expert and then back to training. I guess it may help. At least it worked for me

I suppose I overlooked it. 2 of the same answers isn’t a bad thing. It reinforces the base idea. But next time I’ll watch more

no, I wasn’t observing another controller, im sure of that

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any ETA when the server restart will be

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There are signs indicating that it won’t help, It’s being investigated.

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ok thanks for the update


This should be fixed now. Can you confirm?


yup, thanks for the help

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