ATC bug

Hello, i got a glitch recenly. On the left you can see that i have 2 unanswered messages at KSAN ground which i selected, but if you will look on the right, you will see that i have no unaswered messages. And i wouldn’t post here with only this problem, as i got “you haven’t answered 2 messages for 60 seconds. You will be disconected soon”.

P.S. i know devs don’t have make everything alright button, so i say this for them to fix this bug, as it has been for quite a while.

Ensure that you have a stable internet connection, completely close IF then restart as you might have had a momentary lapse in connection with the server.

Well, according to speedtest, i have very good internet speed and connection


Glitches can happen to everyone and everything. Thanks for the report.