So about 30 minutes ago, I was just starting by decent about 150nm out from LROP. Prior to decent I checked if the airspace has approach, which it didn’t, all I saw that was open was ground, tower and ATIS. So in the pictures below (Wouldn’t let me attach the file) the controller is telling me to contact approach, so I hit the ATC icon and there was no frequency’s, he told me I think 4 times to contact them, I started to panic knowing what was about to happen. I received a level 2 violation because of this. After I ended my flight I went restarted the app to see if there was approach and if it was a bug. Simply there was no approach, just like before! Check out the pics below please! Call sign was UAL105

Quite odd indeed. The server disconnection might’ve had something to do with it. Give @Chitown a private message and add @appeals. I’m sure they would love to handle this issue further. Best of luck! :)


thanks for the help