ATC bug causing game to close

Hello all,

My first topic on here, didn’t mean for it to be a support request sorry.

The following has happened to me a few times now. It doesn’t happen all the time, only intermittently.

Despite no audio or text instruction to myself the ATC logo will flash orange after sending a transmission to ATC (usually approach). I click on the flashing ATC logo and the game unexpectedly quits.

Any ideas?

iPad Air
iOS 10.2
IF build 16.12.6183.13901


Doesn’t matter what your first topic is, you followed the guidelines and explained in detail. Great!

I have never experienced it but maybe try turning down your graphics as this could be causing the game to crash.


This is the only suggestion as of now

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This happens to very often. And as you said mainly on the approach frequency.

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Happens to me ALL THE TIME! Just don’t respond, thats the only thing that works for me… :(


Any idea what the command would be? As a command will have been sent by the controller but will have got messed up somewhere, there used to be a bug on TS1 that would cause this to happen, it was with tower and was to do with the sequencing commands ( It has since been fixed)

What server is this on?

This already happened to me twice, not sure why…

I hate when this happens on long haul flights…

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Then the fear of having any angry controller comes your way 😳

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I will give this a go. Thank you.

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It always seems to be after I’ve requested vectors. Come to think of it, it’s usually after my second request. The first one having not been answered, or perhaps not received/sent correctly, starting this issue.

Experienced only on TS1. Only recently become grade 3 so I’ve not had much time on the expert server to say if it happens on there.

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There’s no way of telling whether answering will crash the game. Is there?

Depends on what you are controlling. It’s bad luck for approach controllers.

Well…every time it crashed for me it was when I clicked the flashing, yellow (or orange) atc message indicator :)

I am pretty sure it’s a known issue. After seeing all the topics about this on the Community, it’d be certain a developer knows about this. Was going to say “Welcome to the community!” But you joined in September ;)

Thank you. I couldn’t find any topics relating to it to be honest but good to know it’s a recognised issue.

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