ATC Broadcasts for pilots NOT on the frequency

After the recent update, ATC now get real time updates on the opening and closing of frequencies in the region, on the map page. Similarly, it’d be more than helpful for the pilots to get real time updates of the Broadcast messages like “closing in 5 minutes/2 minutes” etc on the map page, especially when they’re not on the frequency, along with the opening/closing of frequencies updates.

Example - Z7 (Dash 8) just south of EGNX is heading towards EGSS. Since EGSS is a good 60-70nm away, Z7 cannot tune into the EGSS Tower frequency.

Now EGSS Tower and Ground are closing and the usual broadcasts of 5mins/2mins/1mins are given which will only be heard by the tuned in traffic (i.e traffic within 25nm radius of EGSS).

If the Broadcasts are automatically updated on the map page of all aircrafts within the region, the untuned pilots headed towards the particular airport can see and make alternate arrangements or be prepared for the absence of ATC. What do you guys think about this?


This would indeed be very Nice and helpfull!

This would be nice also as an ATC.

Would be really cool!

ATC frequencies are are always closing when I am approching…


Lol, this feature would be perfect for you then ;) @D-ABNJ

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