ATC Boundaries and Which Frequency to Contact

Hi. I was wondering is there any boundaries or sector marked in map to contact specific approach frequency?

On 21 July 2020, I flew on Expert Server landing at EDDF. In EDDF there are two approach frequency, Langen Radar App and Frankfurt Direct App.

  1. Previously I was cleared by (I cannot rmb LR/FD) to establish ILS 07R
  2. As I was 1 min away from ILS established, FD contacted me. When he contacted me, the ATIS still remain at Runway 07. But FD redirect me to Runway 25R. My question is, with 1 min away from ILS, can ATC redirect me to different runway?

Due to the boundaries unknown, I had to change frequency up to 5 times. First, I was contacting FD. Then as FD is offline after 1 minute, I was switched to LR. Then as FD come back online I was told by LR to contact FD. Honestly I am a bit annoyed haha.

Not too sure whether are there any airport with duplicate GTAD frequency that we need to take note of. Thank you in advance :)


I’m almost certain there are other airports with multiple frequencies.

Hey Anthony!

On the expert server, the number of frequencies reflects that of the actual number IRL. That means you can indeed see multiple ground, tower or radar frequencies as opposed to what’s available on the TS. The ATIS should be the go-to source of which frequency to contact; it’ll tell you which controller to contact when you’re coming from the east, south, etc.

Based on your explanation, it sounds like there was a runway change in progress. While we try to make these as seamless as possible, hiccups do arise every so often, and this can be confusing to pilots. However, as long as you comply with all ATC instructions, things should clear up in no time. Controllers are constantly communicating and will ensure that you end up on the right frequency.

I hope this helped answer a few of your questions. If you would like to contact your controllers directly, let me know and I’d be happy to assist. If you have any other questions, we can help with that as well. :)

Happy flying!


Thank you very much @TaipeiGuru for your explanation. I feel it may be better if Infinite Flight got a list of airports with double frequencies as well as its boundaries if any hahaha.

By the way, do you know who can I contact to if I want to start training for IFATC? I am based in Singapore :) Also I do have a few question that I’d like to know:

  1. Do all qualified IFATC still have to pay pro subscription? Hahaha
  2. After getting qualified, do IFATC have to fulfill minimum hours of operations to maintain status? Other than the requirement to remain in Expert Server

Thank you very much :)


Hello, I’ll answer your questions.

Of course we have, it wouldn’t be fair otherwise.

We have to control at least once every 30 days at least but we’ll just get a reminder if we don’t. After 90 days of non controlling, we are removed from IFATC and we must complete the practical test again

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Check this website.

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Hi! The reason we don’t have a list of airports with multiple frequencies is because almost all of the major ones actually have a lot of frequencies - the list would be excessively long. An example is KATL, which has 3 grounds, 5 towers, and multiple departure and arrival frequencies. The majority of the time, traffic is low enough that multiple frequencies do not have to be used.

When they are used, follow @TaipeiGuru’s advice. Maybe we’ll see you in IFATC soon!

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Singapore hmm, another IFATC to control during IFATC at home?


Emm you are from Singapore as well? Sorry but I don’t get it :(

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Yup I am from SG as well, along with a few others.

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Hey I’m from Singapore as well! @TheAviationGallery, @OTO, @anon28254084 and I are the few Controllers based in SG! There’s 1 or 2 more out there but I’m not sure of their IFC names, don’t hesitate to ask us questions if you have any regarding IFATC!


Yes I am. @MarkONE is too and he just joined IFATC yesterday.


Wow great! Hahaha would love to meet you guys in person @anon28254084 @MilkTea @TheAviationGallery @OTO @MarkONE

I actually played IF for long time but only starting 30 May subscribed to IF Live (towards end of Circuit Breaker HAHAHA). Currently Grade 3 but IFATC still on TS and sometimes still make newbie mistake. Like I am not sure when to request transition, or correct instruction to call inbound, etc.

Hope you can guide a newbie here :) Cheers and stay safe! ^^


In person hmm… @TheAviationGallery and others probably met each other before, I haven’t though, but I did a face reveal to them lmao

We could always open a PM if you want to chat!

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