ATC bad service

Who was controlling LAX at 2 pm est. I don’t know my Zulu. They were sending everything wrong I was on ground and requesting pushback and they were gonna send me to 25R when Irl the flight I was doing takes off 24L or R. When I took off they cleared me for landing when I was literally headed for Hartsfield-Jackson.

Was this on Training Server? Or Expert?

This was TS
There’s nothing you can do…

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It’s training since IFATC is supposed to be at CYVR and surrounding areas.

LAX is not on the schedule for Expert today

Ah, I see. I haven’t been out flying for a few days, lol. 😂

Also, happy cakeday/anniversary, @Vignesh_S!


Thanks!! @Butter_Boi!


Unfortunately bud, anyone can control the training server therefore they may not be as qualified as the expert server controllers, IFATC. Once you do reach the expert server I’m sure you’ll be given very premium ATC services compare to the TS. Enjoy your day

Why are you asking for a transition at 21000…? I fail to see how you’d need one when you’re inbound for landing, too.

Back to the subject at hand. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. If you’d like better quality ATC services, fly on expert.


Not every person is on the IFC, TS controllers too.

Everyone is learning so some patience and understanding is required.