ATC Background Chatter

I wish that infinite flight would bring back atc background chatter for those of us who can not afford a live subscription


I’d like it when I fly on solo once in a while. I was surprised that it was removed in the first place


For those who don’t remember it, here is a video on YouTube I found. You can hear it in the cockpit view around the 11 minute mark.

Uch, the old engine sounds bring back bad memories. It sounds like the engines are saying “eng-land” over and over.


The d-b sound too for seatbelt… I agree the atc sound should be brought back

YES!! I’d love it, and it shouldn’t be a really hard feature to add, but it makes the game much more realistic.

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I honestly didn’t like the ATC background chatter. It was too annoying.

All you had to do was turn down the ATC volume bar in settings and that problem was solved

The bar is for LIVE ATC. But it was a button you needed to select to mute the background ATC chatter.

I agree in a way. It repeated the same recording in a loop. 5 minutes later you would hear the same thing you heard before. Did get somewhat annoying.

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