Atc audio?

Why does my ATC volume cut off mid flight or when I’m just starting a flight. My atc was working while taxing to the Rnwy and then it stopped working while I was holding short. This makes it very hard to follow atc instruction… any ideas of what’s happening?

Try to clear cache before start your flight.

When that happens you can always do this: Go to your settings, then scroll to the ATC Voice section. Then, click on the voice you are currently using. You should be able to hear ATC after that. Hope that helps!


What cache?


It would be super helpful if you included the requested information when creating a topic in #support

Operating system:

I also experienced this (M1 iPad Pro 11’), the only way I could fix it was to just restart, just a friendly piece of info

When something goes wrong on my android, clearing cache helps to solve many of the problems🤷‍♂️

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Same here…

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My point was that just saying “Clear cache” is extremely vague. It could be scenery cache (commonly misused around here), browser cache, app cache and so on :)


Hi guys… I tried clearing scenery cache. That did not work. I will restart the game and my IPad right after my current flight!

Make sure to provide this information:

Did you try what @RafaelPadilla mentioned above though?

Not yet… I will later.

I’ve had this problem consistently for about a year now. 2020 iPad Pro. It’s seeming to get worse, and as other have pointed out restarting the game is the only solution I’ve found which isn’t feasible in most situations. If you’re at a busy airport as I often am, I would say the glitch borders on gamebreaking. Something needs to be done.

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