ATC Audio

My ATC audio keeps cutting out during flight. Is there anyway to fix this?

Tuning out and tuning back in usually works for me.

I will try this

It did not work

See this post by @schyllberg:

What is your destination? You can look up the controller and send them a message. No guarantees they will see it. Have your callsign set to NORDO.

I just went through my setting and seen the ATC voice option was on “No Voices Found” and when I try click on it does not work.

Can you tune in to the frequency? Or just not hear the ATC?

I can tune in. Just can’t hear anything

Okay, my advice would be to keep a close eye on the ATC bar.

Or do what Schyllberg’s about to tell you.

This most likely related to either this:

Or this if you’re on iOS:


Like I said. It says No voices found.

Nope. Still isn’t working

What isn’t working? What have you done? What kind of device do you have? More details please :)


I deleted Infinite flight and logged back in. Seemed to fix the issue! Thanks anyway @schyllberg

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