ATC audio speed

Is it possible to speed up ATC audio so that I don’t hear messages like 15 seconds late? This is talking about messages to other people, not me. A late message is extremely confusing and also very unrealistic.

This currently isn’t an option. For the future, I recommend watching your log and your screen to catch ATC messages, instead of listening for them.


ATC messages to me are not delayed so that’s not the actual problem.
This was a timing thing actually. I was taxiing onto the runway for takeoff and noticed Speedbird 280 right behind me at under 1000ft (I was cleared). At this point I heard the message “Speedbird 210 go-around”, mistook the callsign, and held position. In reality 280 was not going around, and I got ghosted for causing a go-around. So in a convoluted way the delayed ATC message contributed to my error (the message was actually sent right after I was cleared for takeoff).

Adding on @TaipeiGuru it’s always a good idea to check wether the headphone icon is orange, as that means you got a message. If it’s really busy double-tabbing the log can also help to only show messages between you and the controller to make sure you didn’t miss a thing.

Edit: Not too sure how that would have prevented your situation, but still valid general advice.

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I’m not talking about my message. Those are not delayed.

He’s saying to look at the ATC log


Please see my edit, wrote the initial post before you replied, thanks.

Contact the controller if you wish to dispute, but remember that ATC instructions override everything else. For future reference, complete the last action that the controller wanted you to perform, instead of listening to other messages that are being transmitted.

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I’m not trying to dispute it here. I’ve already PMed to controller. I was just wondering if there is someway to prevent this kind of stuff in the future.

Trust your tower controller. They know what to do if theres a go around, and they’ll tell you if you need to stop.

Dealing with right now in PM.