ATC audio instructions cut out

During a flight, I’ll transmit an ATC command, and I get the green text at the top of the screen per normal, but there’s no audio. I’m not running IF Assistant or PAX or anything like that. Double checked audio settings, and volume levels are both normal.

Tried shutting down and re-opening the app. No luck.

Restarted the phone, fixed. iPhone 7+, iOS 11.0.3

Update…issue now includes missing aircraft sound effects (engine noise, flaps, gear).

Is your mute button on/can you hear other things well? Try a restart.

Mute button was the first thing I checked and also phone volume level.

Like I mentioned, a restart of the phone fixed it.
Problem still reoccurring.

Strange issue. All other audio (YouTube music etc.) works fine?

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Try a reinstall of the app. I had the same problem but it fixed itself.

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This can happen if you pause the app, go to another app and then back. Usually it will only affect ATC voice though. Something you’ve done perhaps?


Most definitely I’ve been doing that.
Didn’t seem to be a problem pre-global. :(
Hopefully one is able to jump out of IF for a few moments and come back without having onlyatc audio unavailable.

Weird, don’t you think?

Yes, other apps have sound just fine. 👍🏽

It’s been an issue as far back as i can remember at least. Probably more noticeable now though, as people are doing longer flights. I know it’s been looked at but it’s a bit tricky as iOS is the part responsible for the voice.

For more than this reason, it’s recommended to not jump between apps while flying. It can cause other issues as well, especially on Live with connectivity being affected and so on.

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