ATC Audio for my plane only option

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What I am requesting is an option in the audio settings menu labeled something like "Mute All Other Aircraft ATC’.

The problem is that when the airspace is busy, many pilots are waiting to hear the command instead of seeing it on the screen. Because the audio backs up, this causes a significant delay for turns and other ATC commands. If it was an option to only hear active ATC commands sent to my aircraft. This would only apply at controlled frequencies, not unicoms.

  • The obvious response is to read and not listen. But it would be nice if the audio portion was only focused on the pilots plane and not every aircraft.

  • “But Chris, this is how it is in real life”… True but real life you don’t have 30 aircraft all headed to San Diego all within 50 likes descending at -6500 from FL300.

  • "They need to hear what others are being instructed to do. " … True but they can still read the commands. More importantly they should be looking at the map and seeing what and where ATC is sending them and plan ahead.

At the end of the day it will add simple flexibility of IF. This will be more important while people try to do longer global flights.

I honestly like to hear other aircraft ATC, I like to know what is going on with other aircraft around me


That’s why it is an option. Not everyone will want to use it. But as an approach controller ive seen a delay of 60 seconds for the audio before someone turns.


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It’s not realistic at all. I know some people would like it but FDS probably won’t add it if it’s not realistic.


As Chris wrote regarding just that:


It’s not realistic to have floating red rectangles at the end of the runway either but it’s an option.

I get the realism aspect but 80% of the people who tout realisim don’t fly realistic. They just want it to look real with switches and stuff.

But I understand your point.


Just because there are unrealistic things and people choosing to fly in an unrealistic manner does not mean more unrealistic things are okay to be added. However this is just my point of view and I understand your point of view as well.

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I get both points of view. In some ways, having his suggestion might actually add to the realism as i doubt RL pilots gets to hear the amount of chatter we do while flying in a busy region.

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I actually like this idea.
It would help people such as the OP in this post: Problems with Ghosting

However, your issue used, will most likely be solved with global.

Another suggestion I think I would prefer, is having ATC Chat on the same level, but when you receive a message your self, it would overwrite the other chatting and come first.


I get what your saying and I’d be down for what’s you are requesting. However, I personally like listening to it as I listen for key word for what other aircraft are doing. But there are time I wouldn’t mind turning it off as its overwhelming.

Again, like you said, this is suppose to help out controllers, specifically radar so they get faster responses from their aircraft. Who’s to say those pilots who don’t read and only listens will deactivate other aircraft ATC messages? It might fix some. But it’s also important to listen and watch commands, listening to others commands can also aid to oneself so you don’t have to always look for what they are doing.

If it’s not in FDSs interest to add this feature, maybe making the ATC headset in the bottom left hand corner and the message at the top both flash a brighter orange and until the pilot responds or it’s acknowledged. And maybe adding, as well, a strip of orange around the entire screen that flashes. This would hopefully get those who only listen to respond a bit quicker by better visually alerting them

Just a thought…

I would not want to happen in critical phases of the flight.

It wouldn’t have to be super bright Or thick and it would be in conjunction with the message and headset blinking (at the same time). And because it would happen all the time, it would not be overwhelming as you are making it out to seem. As the top of the screen and the headset already flash…

I think this is well thought out but I just don’t like the thought of knowing that someone else around me might not understand what I’m doing or where I am. Even in IF you can get busy aviation, navigating and communicating and for me it’s nice to hear call for/by others around my so I can get an idea of what my next instruction or next movement really. But with that being said it’s not really something that’ll change much of my experience so I’m more on the indifferent side.

but they added the delta 787 livery and delta doesn’t have them
To help with my argument, who is to say that delta will have the same livery on the 787, they could have made a northwest delta livery scheme just for the 787

On Expert server I think it should stay the same but on TS1 like you said…

Did Delta ever say that they were going to make a different 787 livery?
If they didn’t there is no need to speculate they might have.

But delta ordered them

When did they order them. I remember Northwest ordering them and the orders got converted with the merger

This topic is going so off topic
That is to help train new pilots, it is a simulator after all. Not being able to hear others over a frequency is another thing, we need to know what is going on around us to make decisions, and ATC can always make mistakes. I guess it would be ok on TS1 at busy airports.