ATC audio disappearing

Hello everybody , hope you are all well !

The past few days I have been noticing some issues with the ATC audio turning off. This usually happens when I connect to approach from tower or from center. It’s kind of frustrating and harder to hear commands from ATC as you guys would imagine staring at a screen for 20 to 30 minutes gets kinda boring and has zero relevance.

I don’t know if this is only me experiencing this or it just hasn’t been spoken up before but I wish this can be solved in the next update 😄

Device : IPhone 14 Pro

IOS 17.2

This is quite common, it’s just an issue you’ll have to deal with for the remainder of the flight. However sometimes it can resolve by clicking the pause bar and resuming the flight, but that’s a 1 in 5 chance

Hey there!

Issues with text-to-speech in iOS 17 are known and being investigated. For more info, check out the topic linked in the Support FAQ.


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