ATC AT YSSY (training server

But I did not

He is saying he was on guarded by the tower controller.

Yer thats what I ment.

Oh well its training server so they wont be perfect as they are just training.

Yer good point

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  1. This ATC controller obviously knows the airport very well and lives in Sydney (both like myself) and so runways 34L/R and 16L/R are always used apart form when there are extreme winds of which happen for about a week or two but for only 3 - 4 periods per year so I’m not surprised they told you to taxi to runway 34L, they are training.

  2. Ground can tell you to contact tower anytime after you have been given taxi clearance.

  3. That was the departures mistake.

Or just try to meet grade 3 requirements so you can be in the Expert server.You wont regret it.

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I have meet grade 3

Fly on expert then. As long as you follow directions you will be fine!

And I understand and I live In sydney as well that was my mistake sorry haha

You live in Sydney? Cool! If you want YSSY approach, departure, maps ect then just message me, I have the lot for every runway.

Iv got alot of them but dont know weather I still havethem so if you want you can send them:::)))):):):):)):)

This should have it all. Oh and don’t worry about viruses, there isn’t any there plus I don’t even know nor have the time time make one.

Some Heathrow controller told me to taxi to Runway 27R, I was in a TBM-900 and he was telling all the big jet planes to taxi to 27L, I said HY-P3D, request taxi to runway 27L HY-P3D, taxi to runway 27R, contact tower when ready


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Logically that makes sense as spacing becomes an issue.

I don’t think tbm900 allowed in Heathrow. Not even private jets. I know where you guys coming from for reality. But there’s no way we can have same level as reality. I understand about spacing.

thats the thing about training server,

nothing bothers me other than the controller who comes late and misses up your job, like when i was approaching MCT there was no ATC so i used Unicom and announced inbound landing runway 08L and as i get close to enter the left downwind for runway 08L suddenly approach tunes in and sends me a on guard message so i play along and request approach to runway 08L but they gave me clearance for 26R although at this point i am about to enter the downwind for 08L and 26R is next me to the left and when i requested runway change he said unable although runway 08L is green but i did follow their instruction but i had to prepare for a U turn only then Tower tunes in and sends me on guard message so i tune in and call inbound for Runway 26R but they give me clearance for 08L!!

this is the type of controllers that stress me out, if you just tune in into the ATC frequency late and there’s already some traffic inbound please respect the pilots who were reporting their positions through unicom don’t just come to ruin the experience, the approach controller have a radar and can see my speed and altitude as well as heading and yet he gave me instructions to the runway that is next to me to force me make a u-turn when i was already heading for 08L before he tune in to approach ATC frequency, and then Tower gives me clearance for 08L when i requested 26R following approach instructions i guess he thought i mistakenly requested runway 26R since 08L was on my left base at that point when i was going for a U-turn, and then both of them tune out even before i got to final!.

these acts are just irresponsible and unprofessional.

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Oh, Heathrow allowed me to fly my TBM-900 in