Hi all.
Just curious, I’m currently flying from KJFK to WSSS (longest schedules flight as of now :heart-eyes:)
I’m around 1:13 (Approach speeds not taken into account, just ETE Dest)
Do any IFATC plan on manning WSSS Approach within the next two hours?
I know you guys work at your own convenience and man airports whenever you feel like it, but I’d love a heads up if anyone sees this and plans to open approach within the next 2 hours!

It is IFATC choice

Hello! IFATC are volunteers and they have their own lives, and we don’t take requests to open. We open when we want to :)


Yeah, I understand, it wasn’t a request, just asking if anyone had plans.
I was hoping for some ATC service for my arrival though, hopefully someone mans WSSS within the next hour or so.

Unfortunately we don’t take any requests.

Hope you get ATC at your arrival :)

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