I just landed at VVTS. Tower instructed me to exit runway when able anf contact gorund on the taxiway.
While I was on the runway tower instructed the aircraft lined up that it was cleared for takeoff. AT THIS MOMENT I WAS STILL ON THE RUNWAY BEGINNING TO EXIT.

Is this normal?
There was no collision on anything.

Hi there! Your best bet is to Message @moderators with all feedback. They’ll forward it and will take proper action if needed. Keep your replay if they ask for it and be sure to provide them the controllers username if they also ask. Sorry for the inconvenience! Enjoy the FNF. :)


If you were close to the exit, it was probably just anticipated separation! But… best bet is to follow what @Asher said above. Have a lovely day!

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Before another aircraft either crosses the threshold or begins their takeoff roll, the runway must be clear of all traffic as stated in the ATC manual

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I know the controller, try to help you tag him but I can’t find his name on IFC Sorry, but best way is follow

Make sure provide your replay to moderators😄

Anticipation is needed if it’s busy. Even is being said in tutorials. See 3.1.4 manual

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Trust me, IFATC has been addressed about clearing for takeoff before arrivals exit the runway. Now it’s a different story with departures where anticipation can be used but it is highly discouraged to clear an aircraft that was already lined up for takeoff before the arrival aircraft exits the runway

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Yes IK, I been an IFATC for 4 years now. It all depends on different factors. If the plane uses a RET you can clear them early for TO if needed due to the next arrival. As you know sometimes airports are busy and it is needed to fit many aircrafts on 1 runway. To make sure there are no GA’s it wouldn’t make sense to wait for an aircraft to fully cross the line and then clear to other for TO. Because as you know, Arrivals are top priority. (This only applies for really busy airports with tight spacing obviously).
It is part of our job to make decisions for ourselves to see if it save, strictly following the manual at all times would mean we should be replaced by robots.

Yes I agree however, the op said they were still on the runway. That’s what I’m referring to, not RET. let’s take this to a pm so we don’t clog the thread

If the plane was taxing 30 kts it’s steering of the runway then it would mean he would be off the runway within seconds. It depends on the exit tho. I don’t know this exact situation. Just wanted to point out that it can be necessary sometimes to anticipate and we should do that as stated in the manual.

I see he was just given an exit command, so it seems a to early TO clearance.

Hey @kk.aviation! Anticipated separation is a thing. Depending on how close to the exit and how close the other plane is to be ready to roll, you can issue a clearance. For instance if a plane is holding short of a runway and another plane is rolling, you can issue a clearance because by the time the plane is lined up, the other plane will be in the air. Hope this helped!

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