I’m currently on approach at VHXX and yes I know it’s a hard approach but IFATC don’t know what there doing so I request that there is no ATC at this airport unless they know how the approach works.



Expert server

Expert most likely since he said IFATC

If they don’t know NAV it yourself

Yes and one of BAVA crashed because the ATC failed to see that you can’t cone straight in on final. Yes IFATC is a hard job but this should be happening (aircraft crashing because of ATC)

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You can’t they will ghost you

It then I’ll just get ghosted

Sorry I am still Grade 2

I’ve made a similar topic about this before. I’d talk about it here but it isn’t relevant to the topic.

Don’t make this public!.. If you want to talk about this please contact your approach or contact an IFATC Moderator!

Good day…


Hi, if you think they “don’t know what they’re doing” you can pm me for their name as i don’t think saying it here would help the situation. Additionally you can ask the controller why he is doing what he is doing, in the nicest of ways please.

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Guys, I’m sorry if this comes across rude, we’ve had 4 pilots have to go around and one crash due to nothing short of useless ATC. Why on earth are our pilots being vectored BEHIND A MOUNTAIN TO MAKE A STRAIGHT IN TO KAI TAK!!! It’s simply not gonna work, then being bounced back between approach, departure, tower, approach, tower. I planned the approach to be a simplified version that is easy enough for all our pilots, then are being put on some ridiculous 180 degree turn to final in a 747. It’s not good enough.


James you should also know better


I opened Approach, but my app crash. I’m trying to restart…sorry

This is a problem as @Nick_Wing has been trying to land for 45mins, Chris B crashed and many other pilots have been messed around be ATC

Guys, end this conversation here.
You can contact moderators or Tyler to submit ‘complaints’ etc.
If you want the controllers name you can look him up in Trio’s logbook or i can tell you in a pm.