Who ever is doing Tower at VHHH I’m so sorry I didn’t read the message that said “exit runway” and I made a couple people go around. I’m sorry


How long ago?

Like 1 minute ago

Ask anyone in IFATC as they can check. There is currently no one as ATC at VHHH right now.

They just left

@NiharG was the controller

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You don’t need to wait for an “exit runway-command” to exit the runway. You can exit whenever you can, and then ask for a frequency change when you’re on the taxiway (only if you didn’t received the command)

I can also recommend you There you have a live overview of every active ATC in Infinite Flight. It also shows you who’s controlling at which airport.


It is always best to vacate the runway in a timely fashion to allow arrivals and departures to proceed. There is no reason to come to a full stop. Once you are at an acceptable taxi speed, exit the runway.

If you received an exit the runway command, stop once you have passed the hold short line and request taxi to parking. If you haven’t received an exit runway command, you can stop and request a frequency change.

It’s always best at busy airports to wait until you get a taxi to parking command before taxing to parking. You may need to hold in position (but past the runway hold short line) for other traffic.


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