ATC at TS1

does anybody wanna do atc at an airport in south california in ts1? someone who knows a lot about atc so like he can go tower ground or approach just what you want:)

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I wouldn’t recommend being ATC in TS1, especially SoCal. If you are in it just for the fun of it, and want a lot of activity, go ahead. Just don’t expect a lot of people to cooperate.

I would personally recommend a TS1 paid region, as those seem to have better pilots. :).

But back to your question, I sadly don’t have time to ATC with you today.

TS 2 is better as TS1 has a few ATC bugs

Bugs such as. Could u please expand on this as I am curious

The respond to go around just says that and sequencing is the same

TS1 has an issue where when you issue a sequence the pilot just sees “Sequencing” and they never get a sequence number. Thats one reason I personally like to do IFATC scouting on the TS2 server.

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