ATC at TNCM, the airport is very busy today

Route: TNCM to TTCP; Aircraft: A330-900Neo;

Livery: Airbus Factory; Take off time: 14:00zulu;

Callsign: FGS-0540; Flight time: 1h40m

Today’s Princess Juliana International Airport is very busy, so I took some nice shots~ Hope you like them~

Especially thanks for ATC → @A-FitzGerald

p1: Boarding ( The A359 is @Klaus-Peter_Goos )

p2: Ready for pushback ( The B752 is @Edvin_Bakke )

p3: Waiting for pushback ( The Indigo is @Anmol_Singh320 , the American772 is @Marcos_Lee , the Cessna is @Fvp837 )

p4: Start pushback with other plane ( The Delta 339 is @Cody_John , the Indigo320 is @Anmol_Singh320 , the American772 is @Marcos_Lee )

p5: FGS-0554, RWY10, clear to land. ( The United772 is @FGS-0554-Keaton ; the American772 is @Marcos_Lee ; the United752 is @Edvin_Bakke ; the Delta752 is @LordCase )

p6: Holding shot of RWY10 (The A220’s callsign is Moxy 220, the SR22’s callsign is Private Wings 3917 [ this guy enter rwy many time without permission ] ; the A320 is @Anmol_Singh320 )

p7: Ready for take off ( The United752 is @Edvin_Bakke ; the Cessna is @Fvp837 ; the American77W is @Ashraya )

p8: Take off

p9: Gear up~ Goodbye Juliana~

—— END ——

Which is are your favorite shot/s ?
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Nice picture keep up the good work

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Thanks mate~ (๑>؂<๑)

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Yup, this airport is absolutely insane once ATC is active

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Really is a famous airport lol

Thanks! Appreciate it!

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thanks mate~