ATC At TNCM (Expert Server)

Hello, I think this ATC’S Display Name is IFATC DLVA Maxim or something like that. This ATC was very professional and I would like to commend him on that, unfortunately I was flying in from San Juan and he was handling Tower and Approach and I experienced trouble with the auto pilot, my call sign was Zulu1538 and he told me to descend to 5000ft and turn right heading 140 I believe, afterwards, my Auto pilot started going crazy when I disabled nav and turned on hdg and inputted what he had asked, afterwards, I noticed I was going down to 5000ft from 8000ft and the autopilot (Normal for glitched infinite flight autopilot) brutally pulled up to stabilize at 5000ft and stalled out my plane and autopilot automatically disengaged when I was not calibrated and I was doing accidental aerobatics, the same thing happened on final and he told me to “Please Follow Instructions”

When I landed I kept checking to see if I got reports or violations from him because I was afraid to go back down to Grade 2 and I hope this can be revised

I AM GREATLY THANKFUL TO HIM FOR NOT REPORTING ME and I hope this topic can influence other ATC to see if experienced pilots will purposely disobey instructions or if they are having trouble with flying.

To Moderators: I am not sure of his username here, if you guys can find him and let him see this it would be greatly appreciated and you can freely close it whenever he does or leave it to be seen by the public, thank you.


@MaximV is your controller. :)

It’s good to hear a (somewhat) positive comment about IFATC! Mistakes do happen, and sometimes your plane just doesn’t do what you want it to do. However, as long as you can get it under control and don’t interfere with others, we won’t ghost you for it. Happy flying!


It was a very good thing I was able to get a line up with the GPS and had to hand fly it for the rest to make a good landing, it was a hell of an experience to learn from!


Hey! Thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate these topics. Your approach controller was @RAH :-)


@Nicholas_Henry thanks for getting touch, I must admit I did wonder what had happened but you weren’t interfering with anyone else so you were never at risk of being ghosted.

Thanks for the positive feedback though, it’s much appreciated. See you around


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