I am sorry if this sounds mean but captain Bruce who is tower, please let us take off. We have been waiting for 15minutes to takeoff but we couldn’t as you are letting people land but not takeoff. I and two other people where holding short. I was for 15 minutes before I left. Yes people who are inbound for landing have priority but please make a space for people taking off.

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You might want to tag him

I think this is happening because the aircraft are too close to together. 1 Minute apart, and at TFFR, You have to back taxi I think. So that takes more time away from takeoff.

He should be denying entry and saying airport is full before the airport turns into KNUC

Also since this is a ATC problem, you might want someone like @Joe to handle this. I am no professional when it comes to ATC

I completely agree. Thanks. 😃 @AlotQuestions

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It might be who ever is on approach is not making enough room to get any out.

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