Hey all!

I just wanted to shine a spotlight on @EvannL for helping me out while arriving at SBGR in Expert Server. This was my first flight this weekend and I had not installed the hotfix quite yet. This meant that I could not transfer ATC from the approach to the tower. I quickly DMed Zephyr on this platform and thanks to his quick response time, we were able to coordinate a safe (-101fpm) landing and taxi to parking with little problems. Its reasons like this why I am proud to be a part of this community!

I’ve since installed the update and hopefully will not have the same problem.

Safe landings,


Yeah he did great! Awesome job!

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I am glad I was able to help you!

If this happens to someone else, please try to contact the controller in question as soon as possible to explain the problem.
Hopefully you will get an answer from him, and if you get ghosted, contact a moderator explaining your case, it shouldn’t cause a problem afterwards.


Good job IFATC! Hats off to you guys!

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Good job to the ATC!!

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